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Clean water project Tanzania

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Besides the main film we were asked to create an autonomous work. During our stay we were inspired by the (un)complicated lifestyle that is clearly in contrast with the hectic lifestyle known in the West.

Where we Westerners have all the basic needs. Untill recently the people of Mweteni had to struggle to get enough clean water and food. The economy of this area actually stood still but since the water project people are abled to develop the area and economy. 

The film is a visual exploration of these contrasts and we ask ourselves; what will be the actual impact of the improved environment on their future lifestyle? 


Concept : Strictua
Directed by : Miquel Steps (Strictua)
D.O.P. : Joris Peskens (Strictua)
Post-production : Strictua

Through The Dead Wood by Songs of Water

Childhood by Rhian Sheehan