about us

we make films not to be seen, but to be felt.


We’re strictua, a digital film production studio based in the Netherlands. We tell stories and create new ways to connect brands and organisations with their audiences by combining our perspectives with your ambitions. 

Our services range from concept development and creative thinking to direction, production, post-production, activation and roll-out.  We cut to fit in order to tell your story to the appropriate audience in the most enduring way. 

We work flat, fast and fun without any awkward handoffs between thinking and doing. 

We handle small to big productions without drawing the classical line between directors, editors and producers. 

We all share the same drive to make every piece that leaves our hands the most notable one!


Concept development

Together with you we create a joined vision and make sure we turn it into motion reality. We carefully listen to your thoughts, mix it up with our creative juices and translate this into a tasty concept. 



We are a full service film studio, taking care of all stages in the production process. Starting with the organizational preparations in pre-production, followed on set during shooting days and finishing up in post-production, with attention to every detail.



In the digital age we currently live in we like to think beyond the creative process. During all stages of our romance we closely work together to make sure your film effectively reaches its audience.

We deliver a rollout guide to distribute and present your film online. Followed by deciding which media- formats and channels are interesting to spread your film.


Miquel Steps

Co-founder / director


Marijn Vanderheijden

Co-founder / director of photography


Joris Peskens

Priscilla Machils

Project manager

Strictua's work has been in exhibitions in various cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Eindhoven, Indianapolis, Madrid, Melbourne, Miami and Warschau.