Bonnefanten Museum

Visually exploring

How to create a dynamic identity  


Bonnefanten introduced a new corporate identity and needed a way to present this in a dynamic way across several platforms.

Our take

We created a logo animation and an overall concept which made it easy to implement the corporate identity across multiple platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, their own website and several advertising opportunities. We developed an animated alphabet and graphical grid that beautifully matches their vibrant identity!

Our role

Concept development, Animation, Creative direction.


Concept development: Strictua 
Graphic design: Barnbrook

Artist Portraits

Visually exploring

The story behind the exhibition


The 'Bonnefanten Artist Portraits' is an ongoing film series that explores the stories behind the exhibitions that take place in the museum. 

Our take

For each portrait we dive into the world of the artists and translate their often complex stories into short and fascinating film portraits. In this way we inform the target audience and invite them for a visit.

Our role

Campaign concept, Film, Animation.


Concept development: Strictua
Directed by:  Miquel Steps
D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden
Post-production: Strictua
Gaffer: Joris Peskens

Selected Works


Bent for BossBranded documentary

Formani X Piet BoonBranded content

Eastpak CNNCTCommercial

IKEABranded documentary

Mercedes-BenzCorporate film

DOESBranded documentary

Bulang & SonsBranded content


Gabriel + GuevaraCommercial

Harry's restaurantCommercial

Subp YaoMusic video

Marie-Stella-MarisBranded documentary

Eastpak LABCommercial