Bulang & Sons

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Bulang & Sons is an online boutique which harmoniously combines modern craftsmanship with desirable, collectable vintage watches.

They asked us to create a film that gives a deeper insight in the artisan way the leather straps are made. We created a visual journey to witness this process.

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The Lucca collection

For the Lucca collection we created a campaign consisting out of a main film and three teasers. These films gives the target audience an insight into one of these journeys in Lucca, Italy. The city and surroundings inspired the B&S team to create the Lucca collecion.


Concept development : Strictua and Bureau Caramel
Art direction : Rob Truijen ( Bureau Caramel )
Co-directed by : Strictua & Bureau Caramel
D.O.P. : Marijn Vanderheijden (Strictua)
Post-production : Strictua