Show what hard-wearing means

Our take

Eastpak has made a name for itself with durable products. But how do you maintain that reputation? By showing both the work and the results of durable products. We found short but enticing ways to tell the life story of their products.

Our role

Campaign concept, Film, Photography, Animation, Creative direction.


To stand the test of time

No Eastpak product is shipped without a series of durability tests. Eastpak's rigorous quality standards ensure that the water-resistant finishes, color fastness, and sturdy zippers keep their qualities. They’ll also perform drop tests to see how they hold up. We have created a minimalistic versions of these tests.

30 years


A lot will happen in three decades

Eastpak bags come with a 30-year warranty. Even though they are very durable, the bags do age and sometimes need repair. But unlike many other brands, Eastpak makes an effort to repair the bags rather than replace them. As a result, the bags go through different stages of life - just like the owner - which is what we visualized here.


Concept development: Strictua
Directed by:  Miquel Steps
D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden
Art-direction: Strictua
Gaffer: Joris Peskens
Photography: Jef Claes
Set dress: Julia Aumann

Selected Works


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Bent for BossShort doc / Commercial

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Bonnefanten MuseumShort docs / Commercials / Animation

Formani X Piet BoonCorporate film

VillaVinCommercial / Photography

IKEAShort doc / Commercial

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Mercedes-BenzCorporate film


Nedlin - HealthcareCorporate film

DOESShort doc / Commercial

SchunckCommercial / animation

Subp YaoMusic video

Eastpak LABCommercial / Photography

NedlinCorporate film


Bulang & SonsShort doc / Commercial

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