Gabriel + Guevara


clarity & darkness


The crafted concepts by Gabriel + Guevara spring forth from the archetypal dichotomy between clarity and darkness, logos and chaos, heaven and hell. In this imagefilm we visualised the essence of the brand by showing these two different worlds. 

Though diverse in aesthetics, the artefacts by Gabriel + Guevara are characterised by their use of rich natural materials. Gabriel + Guevara engages these materials in a spirit of equality, in order to achieve balance between both sides and transcend possible boundaries between disciplines.

- Commercials


Gabriel + Guevara

Concept by : Strictua & Caramel
Co-directed by : Strictua & Caramel
Art-direction : Rob Truijen (Caramel)
D.O.P.  : Marijn Vanderheijden (Strictua)
Post-production : Strictua
Music : Periskop - Immerse (Component VI)