the heart
and soul of
the brand


Harry’s is an international brasserie which offers timeless brasserie classics prepared using the very best and local ingredients. Harry’s serves unpretentious food and beverages in a relaxed, comfortable setting. They asked us to capture the heart and soul of the restaurant. We created a film that literally gives you an insight into Harry's soul. We also created a social-media rollout campaign based on the Harry's soul film consisting out of three teasers titled; Harry's people, sounds and obsessions.

- Commercials



Concept development : Strictua 
Directed by : Miquel Steps 
D.O.P. : Marijn Vanderheijden
Camera : Joris Peskens
Post-production : Strictua

Graphic design : Ontwerpbureau Reiters
Music : Joomanji - Impediment