Daily life and living room of influencers


What does your interior say about you? That is what IKEA explores in this series of branded content. The 'My life, My living room' campaign peeks into the home and lifestyle of Belgian influencers.

Our take

We captured the personality of each influencer and their interior. Our aim was to let the viewer feel as if they were actually visiting the influencers’ homes. With IKEA products subtly on display, they play a role in the bigger picture; how your personality reflects in your home.

Our role

Concept development, Film.


Using Instagram as the main communication channel, we could tease the target audience into the story of the full campaign.


Concept development: Strictua & Coffeeklatch
Production & art-direction : Coffeeklatch
Directed by:  Miquel Steps
D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden
Post-production: Strictua

Selected Works


Bent for BossBranded documentary

Formani X Piet BoonBranded content

Eastpak CNNCTCommercial

Mercedes-BenzCorporate film

Bonnefanten MuseumCommercial

DOESBranded documentary


Bulang & SonsBranded content


Gabriel + GuevaraCommercial

NedlinCorporate film

Harry's restaurantCommercial

Subp YaoMusic video

Marie-Stella-MarisBranded documentary

Eastpak LABCommercial