Tourism campaign

Visually exploring

Local tourism, framed differently


Limburg is as Mediterranean as it gets in The Netherlands. InLimburg promotes Limburg as the perfect holiday destination. We made a series of films to promote the region and attract national tourists.

Our take

We highlighted undiscovered places and framed them as if they were Mediterranean holiday destinations. A French castle, an Italian lake, there are hidden gems everywhere in Limburg. Making this totally got that holiday feeling going for us.

Our role

Concept, Film, Creative direction.

Social snippets

These social snippets show tourists using social media to capture their holiday. But, when sharing, they hide their real location from their followers, asking them to guess where they are.


Agency: Zuiderlicht
Concept development: Zuiderlicht & Strictua 
Directed by: Miquel Steps 
D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden
Post-production: Strictua
Graphic design: Zuiderlicht

Selected Works

Eastpak Responsible collectionsCommercial / Corporate film / Photography

VillaVinCommercial / Photography

Bent for BossShort doc / Commercial

Eastpak CNNCTCommercial / Photography


Bonnefanten MuseumShort docs / Commercials / Animation

Soft BitesCommercial

Formani X Piet BoonCorporate film

Mercedes-BenzCorporate film

Bulang & SonsShort doc / Commercial


IKEAShort doc / Commercial

Ten cCommercial

DOESShort doc / Commercial

Gabriel + GuevaraCommercial

Subp YaoMusic video

SchunckCommercial / animation

NedlinCorporate film

Harry's restaurantCommercial

MosaCorporate film


Eastpak LABCommercial / Photography