How clean water empowers people


Marie-Stella-Maris’ mission is to provide access to clean drinking water. They offer natural care products and mineral water. Per purchase, a fixed amount of money is donated to water projects worldwide. One of them is a clean water project in Mweteni, Tanzania.

Our take

The foundation asked us to show the impact of this ongoing project. A serious topic. So we captured the people and their stories with respect and dignity. While shooting, we felt that this was not about poverty, but a visual story on hope and optimism.

Our role

Concept development, Film.


Concept: Strictua
Directed by: Miquel Steps
D.O.P.: Joris Peskens
Post-production: Strictua
Through The Dead Wood by Songs of Water
Childhood by Rhian Sheehan

Selected Works

VillaVinCommercial / Photography

Bent for BossShort doc / Commercial

Formani X Piet BoonCorporate film

Eastpak CNNCTCommercial / Photography

IKEAShort doc / Commercial

Mercedes-BenzCorporate film

DOESShort doc / Commercial

Bonnefanten MuseumShort docs / Commercials / Animation

Bulang & SonsShort doc / Commercial



MosaCorporate film


Ten cCommercial

Eastpak LABCommercial / Photography

SchunckCommercial / animation

Subp YaoMusic video

Harry's restaurantCommercial


Gabriel + GuevaraCommercial

NedlinCorporate film