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How clean water empowers people


Marie-Stella-Maris’ mission is to provide access to clean drinking water. They offer natural care products and mineral water. Per purchase, a fixed amount of money is donated to water projects worldwide. One of them is a clean water project in Mweteni, Tanzania.

Our take

The foundation asked us to show the impact of this ongoing project. A serious topic. So we captured the people and their stories with respect and dignity. While shooting, we felt that this was not about poverty, but a visual story on hope and optimism.

Our role

Concept development, Film.


Besides the main film we created autonomous work. During our stay we were inspired by the (un)complicated lifestyle that is in contrast to the hectic lifestyle of the West. While Westerners have all basic needs, the people of Mweteni - until recently - struggled to get clean water and food. Since the water project, people are able to develop the area and economy. What will the impact of an improved environment have on their lifestyle?


Concept: Strictua
Directed by: Miquel Steps (Strictua)
D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden (Strictua)
Post-production: Strictua
Through The Dead Wood by Songs of Water
Childhood by Rhian Sheehan

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