Corporate film

inform, attract and engage

In collaboration with Door Communication & Design we created the new corporate film for Mosa Tiles. Mosa produces high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tiles and hereby contributes to the architectural design of today and tomorrow. 

Opening a window into the exciting world of Mosa, this film is set to inform, attract and engage its viewers. This is an inspirational screen debut that revels in the powerful bond between Mosa and the international architecture scene, a building and its materials and, ultimately, the fascinating worlds of design and manufacturing.

- Corporate film


Architects are Mosa’s primary users. They are the creatives, who design the world around us. By visualising their experiences with the company we take you into the world of Mosa.

Testimonials from four acclaimed architects and designers feature prominently in the film, underlining Mosa’s strong connection with the creative world. The company’s pledge to support professionals in the best possible way is one of Mosa’s core values and this comes through loud and clear with the presence of the film’s key contributors – which include French designer Stéphane Parmentier, Alex Wraight of London-based architects Allies and Morrison, Christina Köpf of German design practice Designliga and Rotterdam based Nanne de Ru of Powerhouse Company.

Besides the corporate film we created four individual portraits that give more in-depth information about the strong connection between the architects and Mosa.




Concept : Strictua, Jorg Kuijl, Mosa Designteam
Directed by : Jorg Kuijl & Miquel Steps / Strictua
Art-direction by : Jorg Kuijl
D.O.P : Marijn Vanderheijden / Strictua
Post-production : Strictua
Executive producer : Wadia Kapthani