Celebrating influential art


Art centre Schunck hosts a museum, a music and dance school and a public library. It specializes in modernity and urban culture on an international level. They’ve managed to land exhibitions from the most influential artists from the eighties, like Basquiat and Haring.

Our role

Concept, Animation, Creative direction, Post-production.

Keith Haring

Art is for everybody


Keith Haring was driven by movement, inequality, graffiti and night culture. Topics that remain relevant to this day. His slogan was; Art is for everybody. This exhibition at Schunck is the European premiere of Haring's Grace House Murals; signature style works made in public spaces like hallways and subway stations.

Our take

Just like Haring, we used movement to drive the visuals for this trailer. His iconic drawings are the foundation. We then incorporated pictures of him at work and bold titles as a canvas. Move your body at Schunck!


Influences on an icon


What shaped one of the most influential pop artists of all-time? Art centre Schunck provided a dive into his history and most transformative phase with archive images. From unknown early work, to his most famous pieces, this is what influenced an icon.

Our take

In true Basquiat-style, we applied a loose collage style. Archive images collide with animated paint stripes. Bold letters are smashed on portraits in an uptempo edit. The amazing high-energy song is from Basquiat's band GRAY.

Credits Keith Haring

Concept development: Strictua
Post-production: Strictua
Archive footage: Getty Images
Keith Haring artwork © Keith Haring Foundation

Credits Basquiat

Concept development: Strictua
Post-production: Strictua
Music: GRAY - Dan Asher

Selected Works


Eastpak CNNCTCommercial / Photography

Eastpak Responsible collectionsCommercial / Corporate film / Photography

Bent for BossShort doc / Commercial

Soft BitesCommercial

Ten cCommercial

Bonnefanten MuseumShort docs / Commercials / Animation

Formani X Piet BoonCorporate film

Eastpak DurabiltyCommercial / Photography

VillaVinCommercial / Photography

IKEAShort doc / Commercial

Gabriel + GuevaraCommercial

Mercedes-BenzCorporate film


Nedlin - HealthcareCorporate film

DOESShort doc / Commercial

Subp YaoMusic video

Eastpak LABCommercial / Photography

NedlinCorporate film


Bulang & SonsShort doc / Commercial

Boels ZandersCommercial