Soft Bites

Let them blow your mind


Soft Bites is the world’s first high-end THC infused edible. The product is a collaboration with a master chef who carefully combines the finest ingredients. This is like nothing you’ve had before.

Our take

To introduce the new product category, we show how flavors merge. The commercial takes you on a visual journey. From fruity to creamy and soft - trust us - this will tickle your taste buds.

We see several ingredients explode. This refers both to an explosion of flavor and the enhancing effect of THC. Soft Bites can make you more focused, more relaxed and might even help you access more parts of your brain. Allow yourself to flip the perspective.

Our role

Concept development, Film, Animation, Creative direction.

Social snippets

Three social snippets both introduce the brand and highlight a flavor. We zoom in on the tasty ingredients, raising curiosity and activating the taste buds.


Concept development: Strictua
Directed by: Miquel Steps 
D.O.P.: Marijn Vanderheijden
Gaffer: Joris Peskens
Post-production: Strictua


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