Subp Yao x Juno Who

Music video

human movement led by architecture

Electronic music producer Subp Yao asked us to create a music video for his upcoming EP "II". For this we travelled to the borders of Bosnia, Servia and Montenegro to find this hidden architectual gem and let ourselves get inspired by the shapes and lines of this captivating sculpture. In this film we explore the relationship between dance and architecture as we were driven by the theory of dance artist Rudolf von Laban.

“Movement is more or less living architecture, living through changes of position but also through cohesion. This architecture created by human movement is formed by pathways tracing forms in space, and we call those forms ‘trace-forms’.” Rudolf von Laban

The dancer surrenders himselfs and is taken over by the abstract shapes and the spectacular 360° view of the far-reaching scenery. 

- Music video

Subp Yao

Directed by : Miquel Steps (Strictua)
D.O.P. : Marijn Vanderheijden (Strictua)
Post-production : Strictua

Dance performer: Simon Bus
Music: Subp Yao x JUNO WHO - II