2016 commercial

a matter of perspective


The main purpose for TEDx Maastricht was to express the theme ‘A matter of perspective’. With this in mind we created the TEDx Maastricht 2016 leader.

In this film we played with the estranged perspective of mirrors. By slowly revealing words we build up tension and present the theme of the 2016 edition.   

- Commercial


It's all in the mind


Before the main film got published we presented a social-media rollout campaign consisting out of four teasers. Each teaser shows one part of the sentence, by watching all the teasers the theme got revealed.




Credits film
Concept development : Strictua
Directed by : Miquel Steps (Strictua)
D.O.P. : Marijn Vanderheijden (Strictua)
Post-production : Strictua
Set-design : Atelier Haven